Fix WordPress Custom Page Template Not Showing In Template Dropdown

WordPress page templates are a great way to customize the look and feel of a WordPress page. We can easily create custom WordPress page template and select it from the “Template Dropdown” in Page Attributes. However, there is a bug in WordPress 4.9. Custom WordPress page templates not showing up in template dropdown. That’s because […]

How to fix outdated Woocommerce template files

So you let your inner entrepreneur out and going to start a brand new online store for your amazing products with Woocommerce and WordPress. Bought a server, installed a vanilla¬†Wordpress copy with a nice WordPress theme and Woocommerce. And got something like bellow.   Or maybe you updated to the newest Woocommerce version and CRAP, […]

How to add custom currency symbol to Woocommerce

Woocommerce is one of the best online shopping carts we have today. I really love to work with Woocommerce. It’s powerful, easy to extend and very flexible. Woocommerce developers did a great job, kudos guys keep up the good work. Recently I had a chance to work a lot with Woocommerce based online stores. For […]


Simple plugin to integrate Google Analytics to WordPress

Aspire Google Analytics is a small WordPress plugin which allows user to integrate Google Analytics into his/ her WordPress site. After installation, the plugin adds menu item under WordPress Settings. From plugin settings page you just need to enter your Google Analytics tracking code. The plugin then adds Google Analytics Tracking code to the site […]

Aspire Gmap 1.0

Aspire Gmap is a WordPress¬†plugin which allows embedding a Google map into WordPress posts, pages, sidebars. There are lots of awesome plugins to do the same thing but during my previous project, I created this small plugin just for fun. I really loved the idea so thought I should put the plugin on Github and […]