Authenticate Joomla User Credentials Programmatically

Sometimes we need to authenticate Joomla user credentials inside a component, module or plugin. The obvious way is querying Joomla user table in the database though we need to hash the password with md5. ¬†But alternatively, there is more efficient¬†way to get it done via Joomla API. Here is the code snippet I’m using. I […]

How to Use Bootstrap 3 with Joomla 3

By integrating bootstrap to the core, Joomla creators did a great job and it is a great relief. Meanwhile, bootstrap 4 is coming soon, Joomla still uses an old version 2x. It seems Joomla devs not planning to move to the newer version soon enough. So I wanted to use bootstrap 3 with Joomla front […]


How to Add Custom Attributes for Joomla Form Fields

Joomla is indeed a great CMS with great features and flexibility. Sometimes it does not have native API support for some specific functions that we need badly but due to the flexibility of Joomla, allow us to implement what we want without hazard.