Happy New Year, Lets Welcome 2018

Happy new year to all of you folks. May all your good wishes and dreams come true:). My life changed a lot in last two years. In 2015 I was doing a regular day job in a local software company, thinking about becoming a full-time freelancer and traveling a lot. In 2016 I became a full-time freelance web developer, working from my home, travelling a lot part is not entirely completed yet. It’s not an easy task. Lots of frustration, stress you know. I learned lots of things after became what I am today. Anyway, after looking back, I’m really happy with the decision I have made.

At the very first day, I thought I should post a quick note and wish you all for the prosperous and glamorous new year. In 2018 I have set some goals to achieve both in professional and personal life. Setting life goals are very important otherwise life just go on and on without any cause.We all should have a direction to sail, right? So set your goals guys and never give up. I also like to thank my other half, my lovely wife who supports me, walk alongside me with every step I take.

Cheers guys, go out there and do your own thing. Never give up, enjoy the life.

Cover Photo by Jerry Kiesewetter on Unsplash

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