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GOCR – Easily Convert Images in to Editable Word Documents

GOCR is an image to World Document converter application. You can upload your image file and generate a word document. GOCR is based on Google Drive API. It uses Google’s powerful OCR capability to identify and correctly convert image text to editable word documents. IT support more than 200 languages.

How to use
  1. Log in to google developer console and create an app and obtain the client secret json file.
  2. Replace existing client secret json file from the new file.
  3. Set redirect uri in client secret json file to fileupload.php path.
  4. Open formaction.php file. Check for $permission_data (line 178) . Change to your gmail email address.
  5. Enjoy your new OCR App.
This is a version 1 . Hence,  lot’s of touch ups need to do.  You can use GOCR as a base for your OCR application or change it to whatever you like.
If you encounter any error please let me know. If you feel something is missing you are more than welcome to contribute. Just send me a pull request and I will merge after review.  Fork it, change it , share it.

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