How to get free phone calls to US and Canada

If you are a freelance full stack web developer like me often you do all sort of stuff when developing a website/application, right? the design, turning the design into the live website, deploy the website on the server, server management and so on. And often we need to buy services from third parties like domains, servers, SEO tools etc… When doing so sometimes we have to call their customer support, tech support centers. In Sri Lanka, many of us buy servers & domains from US-based tech companies.

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Now the horrible part. When accessing their tech support via web or email it’s too time-consuming. The quickest way is giving a call to the hotline. In most cases, these hotline numbers are toll-free for the US. But when accessing from outside phone bill goes sky high. In this post, I’ll share my trick with you guys. The way I call US tech companies without spending a dime.

Go to Google Voice and sign up for an account. Skip the “Choose phone number” prompt we don’t need that. You can choose the device you want to connect with Google voice. Android, IOS or web-based. I mostly use the web-based client. If you do the same you will see that Google voice has integrated into your Gmail account. Getting calls and configurations are pretty straightforward so I’m not going to describe it step by step. Google voice phone calls are totally free to both US and Canada from outside. But according to their website, there are few locations in US and Canada you can’t call for free. In that case, a small charge will apply.


For other countries, you need to buy credits, however, it’s cheaper than getting a phone call. The downside is people can’t call you back since the number is changing every time. But hey it’s big save to all of us, right?

When next time you need to contact the tech support no need to spend hours on chat queue. Just get your phone and dial their hotline like a BOSS :D.

Cover Photo by Pavan Trikutam on Unsplash

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