Aspire Gmap 1.0

Aspire Gmap is a WordPress plugin which allows embedding a Google map into WordPress posts, pages, sidebars. There are lots of awesome plugins to do the same thing but during my previous project, I created this small plugin just for fun. I really loved the idea so thought I should put the plugin on Github and become a WordPress Plugin author 🙂 . This is version 1.0, means the plugin is pretty amateur. Here is the link to the Github Repo


[aspire_gmap lat="45.504789" lang="-73.730339"]

Put the shortcode on any page, post or sidebar text widget. Or with bellow code use inside template files.

<?php echo do_shortcode('[aspire_gmap lat="45.504789" lang="-73.730339"]'); ?>
Available Parameters
lat : Lattitude
lang: Longitude
width : Width in pixels or percentage. I.e: 100%, 250px. Default is 100%
height :  Same as width. Default is 400px.
enablescrollwheel : true, false. The default is true. Zoom in or out with mouse wheel rotation.
zoom : 1~20. Default is 15
disablecontrols: true,false. The default is true. This disables Google maps default controls.
map_style : 4 Styles, ultra-light, dark-gray,blue-water. 
Default is set to ice-blue.

So that’s it, for now. Cheers !

Photo by Ruthie on Unsplash

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