Cordova isn’t working with Java 9. How to fix

Did anyone try runningcordova build on a computer with Java 9? Well, I tried and got this. Requirements check failed for JDK 1.8 or greater Apparently, Cordova is unable to identify Java 9 is greater than Java 8. More precisely Android is not supporting Java 9 yet. Here is the problem I’m describing. If anyone is […]

Fix WordPress Custom Page Template Not Showing In Template Dropdown

WordPress page templates are a great way to customize the look and feel of a WordPress page. We can easily create custom WordPress page template and select it from the “Template Dropdown” in Page Attributes. However, there is a bug in WordPress 4.9. Custom WordPress page templates not showing up in template dropdown. That’s because […]

Happy New Year, Lets Welcome 2018

Happy new year to all of you folks. May all your good wishes and dreams come true:). My life changed a lot in last two years. In 2015 I was doing a regular day job in a local software company, thinking about becoming a full-time freelancer and traveling a lot. In 2016 I became a […]

Transparent Dark Overlay on Image Hover

Hey, this is a kinda mini blog post. I just wanted to share this PEN quickly with you guys. When developing modern websites we all love to add nice hover effects. I was working on this eCommerce project and wanted to add a dark transparent overlay on mouse hover. It’s entirely done with CSS and […]

Seven Column Full Width Grid With Bootstrap4

Everyone loves good CSS framework. Me too. I was a backend developer before. After  I became a full-time freelancer I had plenty of time and projects with front-end development. Among all other responsive CSS frameworks in the world Bootstrap is my favorite. With the rise of responsive CSS frameworks, CSS3 and the fall of Internet Explorer […]

How to fix outdated Woocommerce template files

So you let your inner entrepreneur out and going to start a brand new online store for your amazing products with Woocommerce and WordPress. Bought a server, installed a vanilla Wordpress copy with a nice WordPress theme and Woocommerce. And got something like bellow.   Or maybe you updated to the newest Woocommerce version and CRAP, […]

How to add custom currency symbol to Woocommerce

Woocommerce is one of the best online shopping carts we have today. I really love to work with Woocommerce. It’s powerful, easy to extend and very flexible. Woocommerce developers did a great job, kudos guys keep up the good work. Recently I had a chance to work a lot with Woocommerce based online stores. For […]

How to avoid frauds and cheap clients while freelancing

Freelancing is one of the best ways to make someones living. I’m a full-time freelance web developer for two years now. During last two years, I have learned a lot. Learned a lot about freelancing itself, technologies, financial management & most importantly about clients. Freelancing or any business client is the most important person. Because […]


How to get free phone calls to US and Canada

If you are a freelance full stack web developer like me often you do all sort of stuff when developing a website/application, right? the design, turning the design into the live website, deploy the website on the server, server management and so on. And often we need to buy services from third parties like domains, servers, SEO […]

Best web host for a small classified website

A couple of days ago one of my friends asked me to suggest a web host for his new project. It is a classified advertisements website and the majority of users from Sri Lanka. He is expecting some traffic at the beginning and increase of the traffic along the time. So performance is not a […]