How to get free phone calls to US and Canada

If you are a freelance full stack web developer like me often you do all sort of stuff when developing a website/application, right? the design, turning the design into the live website, deploy the website on the server, server management and so on. And often we need to buy services from third parties like domains, servers, SEO […]

Best web host for a small classified website

A couple of days ago one of my friends asked me to suggest a web host for his new project. It is a classified advertisements website and the majority of users from Sri Lanka. He is expecting some traffic at the beginning and increase of the traffic along the time. So performance is not a […]


Simple plugin to integrate Google Analytics to WordPress

Aspire Google Analytics is a small WordPress plugin which allows user to integrate Google Analytics into his/ her WordPress site. After installation, the plugin adds menu item under WordPress Settings. From plugin settings page you just need to enter your Google Analytics tracking code. The plugin then adds Google Analytics Tracking code to the site […]

My honest review of Digital Ocean servers

Caution: This post is based on my personal experience with Digital Ocean droplets. It may not cover all the aspects. If you look for cheap servers, Digital Ocean definitely going to be on top of your list. Their droplets (The name Digital Ocean gave to their servers) starts as low as 5 US$ per month. Pretty convincing […]

Aspire Gmap 1.0

Aspire Gmap is a WordPress plugin which allows embedding a Google map into WordPress posts, pages, sidebars. There are lots of awesome plugins to do the same thing but during my previous project, I created this small plugin just for fun. I really loved the idea so thought I should put the plugin on Github and […]

Back on the track

Well, the site was offline for a couple of weeks. I was playing with Digital Ocean droplets for that transferred site temporary from Hostgator. Then deleted the backup from Hostgator (Oops). No worries I had my local backup. Anyway hadn’t chance to revert the site back till today. So putting it online again with a short […]

Working with legacy systems

A couple of months ago I met a client who wanted to extend his legacy system. It’s a school ERP system based on OpenSys, but super old. My client was happy with his existing system performance and stability, so he just needs to extend it to next level. Adding a library system, altering the payment […]


Authenticate Joomla User Credentials Programmatically

Sometimes we need to authenticate Joomla user credentials inside a component, module or plugin. The obvious way is querying Joomla user table in the database though we need to hash the password with md5.  But alternatively, there is more efficient way to get it done via Joomla API. Here is the code snippet I’m using. I […]

Create parallelogram shaped background

Recently I’m creating a travel website for my client and my design consist of something similar to this. The top green/brown bar. The easiest thing to do is use parallelogram shaped transparent png (or parallelogram shaped image) as a background and it’s done. Of course, that’s exactly what I do if my client wanted his site to be  compatible with older […]

How to Use Bootstrap 3 with Joomla 3

By integrating bootstrap to the core, Joomla creators did a great job and it is a great relief. Meanwhile, bootstrap 4 is coming soon, Joomla still uses an old version 2x. It seems Joomla devs not planning to move to the newer version soon enough. So I wanted to use bootstrap 3 with Joomla front […]